SCA’s world-class plant facilities in Singapore make us a manufacturer that has consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations in the last decade. We produce synthetic resins such as solution styrene-butadiene rubber and MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) monomer and PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) at plants on Jurong Island.



Our first synthetic rubber plant outside Japan is located in Jurong Island of Singapore. Sumitomo Chemical S-SBR has consistently earned high praises from customers in the tyre manufacturing industries both in Japan and overseas for being a highly fuel-efficient tyre material with outstanding abrasion resistance. Building on this reputation, our Singapore S-SBR plant has already become one of the primary suppliers of synthetic rubber to tyre manufacturers and factories in Asia.

Location: Merbau, Jurong Island, Singapore
Opened: 2010
Production capacity per annum: 
Styrene-butadiene rubber (40,000 tons)
Production process: Solution polymerisation


Our MMA Plant and SUMIPEX® PMMA Plant are both located in Jurong Island with vertical integration from raw material to product and customers. Raw materials are available through pipelines as well as bulk imports.

SUMIPEX® is the registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical for its SUMIPEX® PMMA moulding resins, manufactured in Singapore with a 150,000Mt annual production capacity. Sumitomo Chemical is one of the largest SUMIPEX® PMMA producers in Asia.

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Location: Jurong Island, Singapore
Opened: 1996
Production capacity (MMA monomer):



Production capacity (SUMIPEX® PMMA moulding resins):



Milestone of SUMIPEX® Production
— First PMMA plant with annual production capacity of 25,000mt.
2005 — De-bottlenecking of First PMMA plant to 50,000mt.
2008 — Second PMMA plant began operation, increasing total annual output to 1000,000mt.
2012 — Third PMMA plant completed, further increasing total annual production capacity to 150,000mt.